After watching the latest models of Dodge Challenger and Hellcat for some time now, we are sure there will be a lot of cry babies who wish they would have waited to make their latest car purchase. Dodge is back with a new Dodge Challenger which they have dubbed the ‘Demon.’ The 2018 Dodge Challenger […]

Memphis is referred to as being the Cradle Of American Music and while its musical history is a massive draw for many tourists, there are so many other reasons to visit this historic Tennessee town. Memphis is one of the most affordable places to visit in the States and is home to approximately 650,000 people. […]

Why Visiting Memphis Is Always A Good Idea Memphis, often referred to as the ‘cradle of American music’, is situated in the southern west corner of Tennessee and is home to the Civil Rights Movement, friendly locals and some awesome entertainment venues. Oh and did we mention Graceland? If you’re looking for a historically diverse […]

The story of Memphis mother Gwendolyn Clemons and her son Davin Clemons, who are both gay, both ministers and both working in the criminal justice system will leave you either touched or shocked but, one thing is for sure, you’ve likely never heard of a unique story like this before.

Memphis rapper Yo Gotti is suing a Georgia luxury car dealership after a worker took his Lamborghini Aventador out for a spin and wrecked it.

Memphis rapper Young Dolph shared this picture on his Instagram of him posted up with a Porsche 911 Targa.

An Arkansas woman has been dubbed by the Internet as the “#PrisonBae” after her prison mugshot stole the hearts of many from going viral online.

This video shows a reported Atlanta woman who has suffered from extreme hair loss due to wearing braids and weaves. In the video, the woman is shown with her scalp revealed from patches of hair missing due to the damage caused by braiding and weaving. Check out the incredible moment when a man is knocked to the ground after attempting to reportedly stab a preacher.

The Memphis Pastor who was arrested after allegedly sending explicit pictures of himself to an underage boy has been sentenced to 85 months in prison.

Little girl raps a poetic rap to her deadbeat father. You may want to have kleenex on hand for the heartwarming message she sends out.

Memphis rapper Jessica Dime aka Dimepiece who stars in VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta talks Memphis rap music and gives a tour of the city.

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