This is a list of eight of the most known and ‘legendary’ housing projects in Memphis, Tennessee including some known and unknown Memphis history and facts about them.

Memphis rappers Yo Gotti, Don Trip, and others including CMG’s newly signed rap artist Blac Youngsta are all listed on a Top 10 Best Memphis Music Records of 2015 list comprised by Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Memphis, Tennessee, the city known for music, barbeque, hospitality, home of Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Three 6 Mafia and more is also home to some great neighborhoods. From the scenic view in Downtown Memphis to the suburban green-scene of Shelby Farms, the city, named after the ancient capital of Egypt, has a lot to offer.

Living in Memphis, Tennessee, we know our city, but living outside of the ‘M-Town,’ you may not know what you think you know.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have released a list of the most dangerous cities in America for 2014. The FBI’s list of ‘Most Dangerous Cities in the United States’ is based on data that the government agency of United States Department of Justice accumulated.

The South is known for many things including great food, great music, various forms of entertainment, amazing weather and scenery. Memphis alone was voted in the “Top 10 Places to Live and Work As A Movie Maker,” “Number One American Iconic Street” for USA Today, “Number One Best Sports Franchise In North America” in ESPN […]

Memphis has many accolades from being named in the “Top 10 Places to Live and Work As A Movie Maker,” to being the city with the “Best Franchise In North America,” but that’s not all Memphis has to be proud of.

Memphis rap dates back to the 1980’s when young rappers fresh out of high school, and some still in middle school, were rapping in the hallways to the stairwells to outside at the corner stores and the corners of the neighborhood street blocks.

Ten of the richest black communities in America may surprise you when you learn of where they are located as far as cities in the United States.

While we know of the many strong supporters in the hip hop community of marijuana use, such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, there are some celebrities who you would have never thought lights up the cannabis plant.

Many people know Memphis for its rich music scene and history with music acts such as Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, Al Green on up to now hip hop acts like 8Ball & MJG, Three Mafia, Yo Gotti and others.

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