White girl gets ‘busted’ in a rap freestyle battle for jacking lyrics – MUST WATCH – HER FACIAL EXPRESSION and response is epic!

Actor Bryan Cranston drops a ‘Your Mother’ joke on a ‘Breaking Bad’ fan.

This video gives you the reason why natural is better and why women shouldn’t take growth hormones. Literally!

Put some hot models in a room with guys and this could happen.

There’s a great twist to this yoga pants prank and some of the unsuspecting guys were ready to fight after they get a shocker.

Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets and got the views of kids on same-sex marriage (gay marriage) after the Supreme Court lifted the ban around the United States. You’ll be amazed at some of the answers.

Don’t drink and go to the bathroom… or you may end up in the exorcist position backwards on a toilet.. hmmmm.

What would you do if you saw a pair of $5,000 Yeezys sitting next to a sleeping homeless guy as you were walking by?

This little girl will melt your heart after seeing how she responds to the death scene of Mufasa in the Disney animation “The Lion King” when he is killed by his brother Scar.

This “Explosive Diarrhea In Elevator” prank is wrong on so many levels but ends with a surprising diarrhea bang. Don’t hurt yourself too bad falling out of your seat with laughter (diarrea explosiva en la broma del ascensor).

“I Got Cocoa Butter, I Got Cocoa Butter!”

A woman in a very short red dress bends over to pick up change off the ground in front of unsuspecting men who are left shocked and embarrassed by what they saw underneath her red skirt.

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