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Rapper Drake aka Drizzy has gotten tagged with some new tattoos that has got everyone talking.

Check out Project Pat’s cover artwork for his mixtape “Cheez N Dope 3: Street God” dropping soon.

The artwork for the upcoming collaboration between Chief Keef and Kanye West on the new song “Nobody” has been unveiled.

Young Money/Cash Money rapper Nicki Minaj is calling out ESPN the Magazine over a photo in which she feels was retouched wrongly. The rapper, who is seen in a cover with NBA star Kobe Bryant, feels that her forehead was retouched and grew in length.

Meet Nate Hill, a black guy who wears naked white girls around his shoulders in an effort to raise awareness. What is Nate Hill trying to raise awareness for?

A video of a finger painting of Morgan Freeman drawn on an iPad is so realistic that it’s mind blowing! The Memphis born Oscar-winning actor, director and narrator has played the role of a president, even God, but his most-seen role may now be that of an iPad finger painted drawing. The YouTube video has […]

Miley Cyrus has stripped down naked and nearly bared it all in an artistic nude picture and she didn’t just do for herself, Miley Ray Cyrus did it for charity. The 20 year-old singer/actress revealed her latest controversial, but artistic nude photo on Twitter.

Juicy J is almost set to release his debut via Taylor Gang and now teases fans with his newly revealed cover artwork for the new track ‘One Of Those Nights’ in collaboration with R&B singer The Weeknd.

A new video of Erykah Badu has leaked showing Erykah Badu naked in a bathtub while other video portrayals show controversial artistic images of completely nude body parts dripping in glitter, a milk-like substance, and another red substance resembling blood.

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