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Hello to all you platinum producers. It is good to be back. I have been working on a couple projects and had to take some time away from my desk. I am back in the saddle and am ready to roll. If you get a chance please check out my new and improved website at […]

Monitoring is one of the most crucial steps in recording and CD production. It is important that we understand both the equipment and the techniques associated with monitoring. A speaker is not a monitor Monitors are designed to perfectly recreate what we have recorded, good or bad. Monitors are designed to be listened to away […]

Dear Tommy, This is Lil Memphis, I’m a rapper and producer from Memphis Tn. I wanted to ask you two questions. 1st do you mix and master tracks if so how much do you charge and 2nd what would be the best equipment that I can get for starting my own home studio? Signed, Justin […]

Okay peeps time to really dig into the basics of digital technology. The last installment provided some good generalizations but I want you guys to be sharp when somebody asks you about recording technology. After all we’re all representing each other.

As many raging debates as there are about which one of these technologies is better, there are at least ten times as many myths floating about. In the next few installments we are going to uncover the truths and explode the myths. Understanding the strengths of analog and digital processes will help you make better […]

With so many cats putting home studios together probably the biggest question out there is the one of “Is my stuff good enough?” Everyone wants to know how they stand up to the majors. There is no doubt that today’s digital technology is good, but when it comes to selling music, we all would like […]

Greetings Rappers, Poets and Beat Makers! I am proud to announce a new segment for MemphisRap.Com called the Producer’s Corner. In an effort to help y’all make better music this column will provide guidance, and answer many of the questions that face aspiring artists and producers.

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