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Rapper Drake in Worst Behavior music video

Drake’s “Worst Behavior” Could Be Some of His “Best” Work Ever

Drake has released his latest music project and music video "Worst Behavior," which was filmed on location in Drake's other hometown - Memphis. The project is simply 'dope' and quite possibly one of Drake's most creative works, maybe even some of his 'best' work ever. Favorite
Royalties and Payments

Do’s and Don’ts: Recording Contract Recoupments: Nothing is Free!

Nothing is Free! Record companies can make the once ordinary and everyday person morph into the next America's Most Loved, Most Beautiful, or Most Sexy Person of the Year. Artists should know that record labels do not shell out money for wardrobe, stylists, dentists, plastic surgeons and etc. at...
Photo of Desmond Hatchett father of 30 kids by 11 baby mamas

Desmond Hatchett: Man With 30 Kids By 11 Different Women Reality TV Show?

If you read this headline that got you here, then you already know of the Tennessee dad Desmond Hatchett, now known nationwide as the man who fathered 30 kids by 11 different women, as reported on Well, they are now labeling Desmond Hatchett as 'Octodad,' in comparison to...
Put It In Writing

Do’s and Don’ts: Put It In Writing!

Put It In Writing Many of my entertainment clients seem to want to be more than artists, they also have a desire to be attorneys. Ok maybe not, but it seems that they may want to, because I repeatedly see people who have drafted their own legal documents or...
Trademark Registration

Do’s and Don’ts: TRADEMARKS “Register Now, Don’t Wait!”

Do's and Don'ts: Trademarks "Register Now, Don't Wait!" The quickest way to identify someone's product is by their logo or their packaging design. This is why it is important for companies to protect their marks and identifiers by registering their marks. Companies spend millions of dollars on making their...
Recording Studio

Do’s and Dont’s: Joint Works – Who Owns What???

Joint Works: Who Owns What??? Let's start with the basics. Joint works are works that have been created by the joint efforts of two or more people. At the time of the creation of the work there was the intent that either creator wanted to merge their work with...

Do’s and Don’ts: “I Want It All: 360 Deals”

"I Want It All: 360 Deals" Well I know this article is very late, blame it on me getting ready for the hip-hop weekend events and my last two very busy weeks at work. This week I want to talk about a topic that many of you like to...

Do’s and Don’ts: Branding your Business, Branding Yourself

"Branding Your Business, Branding Yourself" The first thing you notice when you are in an unfamiliar town are the places you have seen a million times: the McDonalds or the neighborhood Wal-mart. These companies have established a brand for their business. A brand that sells their products and the...

Do’s and Don’ts: Your Manager & the Management Contract

We have already discussed building the right team in a previous article, but I think we should get a little more in depth on at least one team member... the Personal Manager or "PM." Next to your personal assistant, this team member is likely the one you see or...
Deal Or No Deal

Do’s and Don’ts: Deal or No Deal – Recording Contracts

DEAL or NO DEAL: What you should look for in your record deal? I am sure you have watched or at least heard of the hit show "Deal or No Deal" hosted by Howie Mandel. The contestants take risks when choosing which case to open as they compete for...

Do’s and Don’ts: Building a Solid Foundation

BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION You wouldn't build your home upon sand, gravel or water without the proper foundation. We all know the affects of building upon unsolid ground, the structure will eventually tumble down. Just as you hire a contractor to make sure each dimension of your home's foundation...