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MemphisRap.com provides a place to discover new music and new artists, create and share images, audio, videos, news and more all in one place.

Music Artists


Discover new music and artists, follow your favorites. Stream and download singles, albums, mixtapes and more.


Connect directly with artists and Industry people! Create new connections and find people and groups of people with your same interests on the new MemphisRap.com.


Share your photos, audio, video, news and more. Share everything from photo shoots to music videos to DJ mixes to model portfolio.


Support the local artists you enjoy and believe in. Support local music and talent!

For Fans and Artists

FANS: Discover new music and artists

Discover new music on your desktop or mobile device. Re-download past purchases, never miss what's new.

ARTISTS: Offer fans your upcoming and past releases

Sell your music while building your following and authority. Receive up to 90% commission!

Share Your Media

The most powerful thing about MemphisRap.com is that you can upload and share files with anyone in the world easily and quickly now.


Create, Connect, Build

Create a profile and connect directly with artists, award winning songwriters, music producers, DJs, emerging musicians, models, dancers and more.

Do even more with the new MR Media Share

Present A Portfolio

Perfect for photographers and models to present an online photo portfolio, DJs to present a DJ mix, videographers to present demo reels and more.

Build A Following

MR Media Share allows you to easily build a following of fans and professionals who subscribe to learn about new media you share.

Send Files

Instantly upload and share images, audio and videos with anyone by email or on your favorite social platforms such as Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

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