Miley Cyrus Gets Naked for “Candy” in Her Raciest Photoshoot Yet


Miley Cyrus goes topless and fully nude frontal and even gets X-Rated in her most raciest photos yet taken for Candy Magazine.

"Miley Has What It Takes" is what reads across each photo of Miley Cyrus with the words Candy Transversal covering the photos which were taken by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

Miley Cyrus herself shared some of her Candy Magazine photos over Instagram, censored of course, courtesy of Candy.

In one of the photos, Miley is seen photographed with a police baton in her mouth while half dressed in a police hat, pants and handcuffs as if role-playing as a naughty police woman.

In another photo, Miley is seen in a one piece swimsuit with the words "My Pussy My Choice" in red letters across her chest.

Miley goes X-Rated in other photos as she's seen with adult toys dressed like a dominatrix.

The photos can be found at Miley Cyrus' Instagram.

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