Da Mafia 6ix ft. DJ Zirk – “Lock’m N Da Trunk v.2″

Da Mafia 6ix ft Dj Zirk - Lockm N Da Trunk v2

Listen to Three 6 Mafia n.k.a. Da Mafia 6ix [DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca (@koopsta-knicca), Crunchy Black] in “Lock’m N Da Trunk v.2,” the remake of the classic Memphis rap song “Lock Em In Da Trunk” featuring the original producer/rapper DJ Zirk (@djzirk) himself.

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“Lock’m N Da Trunk v.2″ ft. DJ Zirk is the official debut single from off Da Mafia 6ix’ upcoming music project entitled “Watch What U Wish.”

The “Watch What U Wish” album is expected to release on Halloween of this year (October 31, 2014).

Check out the new official first single off the album below “Lock’m N Da Trunk v.2″ by Three 6 Mafia n.k.a. Da Mafia 6ix ft. DJ Zirk.

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    It was a pretty good remake. I like the original more though.

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