Miley Cyrus Unplugged: Undressed Half-Naked In Nipple Pasties with Buck Teeth (PHOTO)

Miley Cryus sports cowboy hat, buck teeth, pasties, leather gloves for MTV Unplugged poster

This is not a usual title, but then again Miley Cyrus is not your usual celebrity. Miley Cyrus still manages to shock with her latest poster promotion for MTV Unplugged.

The singer is seen half-naked with star-shaped nipple pasties, false crooked buck-teeth, blonde wig, cowboy hat and leather gloves on a new poster photo.

Also, we forgot to mention, she completed the outfit with a bright yellow neck-tie and what appears to be a white bottom feathered skirt.

The special MTV Unplugged will present Miley Cyrus on January 29th.

This was confirmed by Miley Cyrus herself who wrote it along with her bizarre MTV Unplugged promotional poster.

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