Army Pfc. LaVena Johnson: The Story of Her Death Will Leave You Sad or Disturbed!

Army Pfc. LaVena Johnson

The story of the death of Army Private First Class solider LaVena Johnson will either live you sad, shocked or possibly disturbed.

Army Pfc. LaVena Johnson was a solider in the United Stated Army whose death was ruled officially a suicide but that official ruling has drawn international attention when conflicting details were revealed.

LaVena Johnson was found in her tent with a gunshot wound to the head, a black eye, broken nose, loosened teeth and acid burns over and around her genitals while at a Balad military base in Iraq in 2005. The acid burns have raised questioned on whether someone was trying to hide the evidence that the 19 year-old army solider was raped.

It took around two years of unsuccessful attempts by LaVena Johnson’s parents, Missouri doctor John Johnson and Mrs Linda Johnson to obtain further details from the Army, so the Johnsons decided to have the casket of their daughter’s remains exhumed.

Dr. Johnson, who has a 25 year record of serving enlisted personnel says, his daughter was brutally raped which evidence clearly shows and had bruises resembling torture all leading to believing she was murdered.

These allegations has led to a controversial story of cover-up regarding the death of LaVena Johnson because of her official ruling of suicide and someone attempted to ignite the tent in flames she was found in.

Even if young LaVena Johnson was able to shoot herself with a M-16 automatic rifle, how did all the other evidence, including a trail of blood leading to LaVena Johnson’s tent, not get considered in Johnson’s death ruling of suicide.

In 2010, “LaVena Johnson The Silent Truth,” a documentary about the Johnsons’ struggle to uncover the truth of her death was released.

LaVena Johnson’s story, to say the least, isn’t clear, but is a similar story of reports of an increase in sexual violence of women in the military as mentioned in a petition for LaVena Johnson.

Currently a website is put up for LaVena Johnson at with news and information surrounding her story and others.

  1. lakisha taylor February 21, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    This is so SAD I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO SLEEP Since I saw this

  2. Blakely March 7, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Reading the comments between Erik Rebecca and Tony, provoked me into a more succinct way to view this whole scenario. Indeed what does the color of our President have to do with this case?

    Well, it could be that the Black Nation is expecting him as our Commander In Chief of Armed Forces; to use that title, rank and position to ignite more leverage for Levena’s parents.

    On the other hand, we shouldn’t expect less of him if he were White as our C I C of Armed Forces. This is a tragedy as well as a travesty within the MOST powerful military force on the planet.

    If this doesn’t get handled properly; you can expect terrorism to find another pathway onto the shores of America!


  3. Brenda Parran June 9, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Mr. And Mrs. Johnson I hope your reading this. I first heard of LaVena’s story in 2007. I worked at the Red Lobster on Hallsferry that you two frequented, every visit you spoke of your daughter, I felt compassion but not as I do now; mostly because I didn’t get the full story of what took place…I’m deeply saddened and sorry for your loss, but all things happen for a reason. God is in control and it was in his will…Praise God, because your prayers are being answered…The US Military is under investigation for sexual assault, harassment, drug use, and misconduct. They have already disqualified 350 soldiers for those very reasons. Your day is coming to get justice for your baby girl…I’m so happy for you!!! Bless the both of you!!!!


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