Marijuana becomes legal in Colorado

Following the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Colorado, weed went on sale earlier this week.

A picture surfaced online of a long line of buyers trailing down the street from a store selling the marijuana in Pueblo West, Colorado on Wednesday.

Since the marijuana went legal, rumors, or rather a story, surfaced on social media claiming that 37 people had died of marijuana overdoses since it went on sale legally.

With the intent to likely prove that cannabis is a killer, the shocking article spread quickly.

Sounds like similar flyers distributed about marijuana in the past before it even became illegal. Still, the story is a hoax and seems to have derived from a satire website which thought the article would be “funny.”

The story is fake and marijuana overdoses have not killed people in Colorado.

Still the story seems to have caused quite a horror over social media.

Marijuana Overdoses DID NOT Kill 37 in Colorado, Weed Story is FAKE!

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1 Comment

  • JesterDev

    The original story was intended as a joke, the whole site the story came from is full of funny stories intended to make people laugh… it’s rather sad that there is a such a lack of a sense of humor today.

    Anyway! Enjoying myself here in Colorado! :)