10 Top Memphis Actresses You May Didn’t Even Know Were Memphis

Top Actresses from Memphis

Many people know Memphis for its rich music scene and history with music acts such as Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin, Al Green on up to now hip hop acts like 8Ball & MJG, Three Mafia, Yo Gotti and others.

While Memphis definitely is known for its rich music talent and heritage, what many may not know is the city is home to a list of great and talented stars including actors and actresses.

In that list, there are names like Morgan Freeman, Kathy Bates, Cybill Shepard, Elise Neal, George Hamilton, known highly as the famed swordsman in the 1981 movie Zorro, Justin Timberlake, Frank McRae (Rocky II, License II Kill, National Lampoon Vacation) and more.

But on our list, we only going to highlight 10 Top Actresses native to Memphis, TN.

Check out the list of 10 Top Memphis Actresses You May Didn't Even Know Were Memphis.

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