Christian School Teacher Suspended; Naked Pictures Leak On Nude ‘Revenge Porn’ Site

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Teacher Naked Photos Leak

Parents of Christian school students are fueling with fire after naked photos from a teacher's phone made its way online.

The Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy school teacher, whose incident is currently under investigation, is stated to be a married mother with young kids and has been put on administrative leave after the photos of her naked were placed on a website being called a "revenge porn" site.

Reportedly the teacher's photos were made digitally available one day before her iPhone was reported stolen on November 24. The pictures show the teacher fully naked in front of a mirror holding up her mobile phone.

On another website, known for revealing people, it shows the school teacher in several pictures, even one that has a child throwing up a peace sign as she stands naked in the mirror.

It is unclear whom the pictures could have been for, but they could have been for her husband. Who knows?

Parents are upset because the accessibility the students have to the photos.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teaches grades pre-K to 12th.

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