Gang Members Of Crips To March With Ku Klux Klan In KKK Rally In Memphis?!

Photo of Dajuan Horton of Memphis Grape Street Crips

Photo of Dajuan Horton of Memphis Grape Street Crips talking with ABC24 on marching with Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Memphis

Talk about odd pairing?! Members of the Memphis Grape Street Crips are talking about pairing up with members of the Ku Klux Klan to march as a stand against the KKK rally planned in Memphis, TN over the renaming of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park, reports say.

Dajuan Horton, of the Grape Street Crips, says he wants to cripple the KKK rally planned for Memphis, as reported on MemphisRap.com, and he is hooking up with the KKK to take a stand against it.

Horton, along with Bradley Jenkins, the Imperial Wizard for the United Klan of America in Alabama, spoke about their plans in interviews with ABC24.

Horton stated:

The first thing I was thinking was the largest rally you've even seen and you're telling us about it. You're sending the first blow, we're not throwing blows we're going to dodge that one and hug you.

Jenkins, who will be in town supporting Horton stated:

We will stand resolute with the citizens of Memphis and this young man and anyone in town, no matter what color they be, because hate and racism has no place.

Horton apparently attracted the attention of Jenkins when he posted this YouTube video online of his protest against the KKK's rally in Memphis.

In the video, Horton states:

When you come to Memphis, TN, we're gonna rally right across from you, and it's gon' be Young Mob, Crips, Bloods, GDs, Vice Lords, Goon Squad, every gang you can think of.. you come to Memphis, we're gon' be waiting on you... it's versatile down here.. we got every gang you can think of..

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