Rapper AP.9 Says He’s Not Afraid of Ice-T; May Have Had Sex With Wife CoCo (VIDEO)

Rapper AP.9 Speaks On Ice-T and Wife CoCo

Rapper AP.9, who was in the news, as reported on MemphisRap.com recently for taking some racy photos with Ice-T's wife, model CoCo, has responded to rumors that he may have had sex with Ice-T's wife, [Nicole CoCo Austin] the sexy celebrity model and personality.

First AP.9 was asked whether or not he was afraid of Ice-T, which the rapper responded that he wasn't afraid because quote he's "from the hood" and is "not worried about nothin'."

Then when told about the rumor that he was having sex with Ice-T's wife CoCo, AP.9 asked "That's a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?" as if to insinuate 'that's not a rumor.'

Is AP.9 just keeping the fans and others on the edge of their seats or is the rapper insinuating that he actually has had sex with Ice-T's wife Coco?!

Only time will tell, but there's likely one person definitely not happy about this, actually two people - Ice-T and Coco too.

Meanwhile, watch the video of rapper AP.9 speaking on the rumors of his racy photos with Ice-T's wife CoCo and having sex with CoCo.

[jwplayer config="MR TV" mediaid="23377"]

Picture of Rapper AP.9 in Vegas Photos kissing Ice-T wife Coco Picture of Coco and Rapper AP.9 Vegas Photos kiss Coco and Rapper AP.9 Vegas Photos cuddle

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